Divorce Parenting

Parenting can be difficult in general, but after separation or divorce, it can be even more of a challenge.  It's important to remember that your children did not ask for their parents to separate and should not be caught in the middle.  It's also important to make sure your child doesn't blame them-self for the situation. Parenting Solutions can help you help your child understand what is happening, and can provide techniques that both parents can use during and after the transition. Co-parenting amicably can give your child stability and maintain a close relationship with both parents.  You can remain calm, stay consistent and avoid conflicts with your ex, joint custody CAN work. By co-parenting with the other parent your children can establish a life pattern that they can carry into the future. 

It's important to set a healthy example your children can follow, in spite of the adverse situation.  I know first-hand this may seem easier said than done, but I also know first-hand that by taking the necessary steps you can co-parent together amicably.  I have been able to co-parent effectively with the father of my three boys with no courts and no fuss.  We have continued a healthy relationship that works very well for us.  I find that my children thrive off seeing the healthy relationship between myself, my husband and the father of my boys.  We made it work for us and it can work for you too. With a little help from Parenting Solutions you too can develop a healthy relationship with your ex that your children deserves to see.


Parenting an adopted child can be difficult, especially because it may be hard to understand certain behaviors.  Adoptive children need love, understanding and patience to help them overcome an already difficult situation.  Whether it’s helping to restore confidence, gain structure or heal from emotional trauma, adopted children require just that little extra to help them feel like they are part of the family.  Parenting Solutions has been fortunate to care for children and help parents who have been through the wonderful adoption process.  In the end, your day- to- day parenting will likely be the same as anyone, so it’s equally important to gain respect from your child, be consistent and provide structure.  The journey and joys of parenthood are the same, regardless of the method in which your family was created.  Let Parenting Solutions help you form that bond.

Same Sex

Being a good parent doesn’t depend on your sexual orientation, it depends on your ability to form a loving and nurturing environment for your child.  Children who have two moms or two dads do just as well as children who have heterosexual parents, and the same concerns apply. It’s equally important to provide structure, set limits, and have an open and honest relationship with your child.  All parents, no matter what their situation, should strive to promote consistency, be a good role model and teach their children healthy conflict resolution. There may be some differences that can pose stress on the family such as the impact of social stigma and dealing with family members that may not be supportive of same sex parenting.  Parenting Solutions can help provide support and create structure that will ensure good communication development that will help strengthen the bond between parents and child.

Parenting After Loss

Parenting after a loss of a child can be very difficult and emotionally draining for everyone.  The loss of a child does change the family dynamic, especially if it’s a sudden loss.  Parents may feel the need to place blame on their significant other and may have a hard time coping with the daily needs of their surviving child. Parents may feel the need to become controlling over their surviving child/ren to minimize the possibility of something else going wrong. Unfortunately, this can cause conflict between the parents and the child, and can affect your the child’s well-being. As difficult as it is to lose a child, your other children require structure and consistency more than ever. How you present yourself, and how you cope with the loss of your child, impacts your surviving child’s well-being. Let Parenting Solutions help develop coping techniques for you and your surviving children to help maintain the structure they crave.

Single Parenting

Life as a single parent can certainly be stressful for both the adult and child.  You may feel overwhelmed maintaining a job, buying groceries and dealing with everyday childhood issues like homework and activities.  The list of parent stressors can seem endless, but it’s extremely important not to expose your child to these types of added anxieties.  As a single parent, it is important to maintain control in front of your child, and it’s equally important to provide structure. After all, you are your child’s role model.  Parenting Solutions can help you provide structure within your household, help you learn techniques to stay in control, and allowing more effective parent-child communication.  Life as a single parent can be easily managed with a little help from Parenting Solutions.

Special Needs

Parenting a child with special needs can be a blessing and a challenge at the same time.  After having three unique children of my own, all with different challenges, I had to develop coping techniques to maintain control for my children. I learned that providing structure and consistency was equally as important as raising a child without a special condition.  Raising children with special needs can be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. No one comes prepared for the amount of time and effort that’s required, but as time passed, I developed and implemented simple techniques that helped in with the everyday stress of caring for a unique child.  With a little time and effort, Parenting Solutions can help you understand what works and what doesn’t.  Parenting Solutions can also help you come to terms with your special needs child, teach you coping techniques, and help guild you on this special journey.