How is parent coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is defined as a treatment of a physical or psychological disorder. Treatment is based on medical diagnosis and may involve medication and/or a remedial, rehabilitative or curative process. The purpose of psycho-therapy is to help individual through unresolved issues, conditions or trauma that most likely have historical significance.

Coaching is an approach to determining what may be causing or creating a stressful or unhealthy discourse in the current situation. In parent and child coaching, individuals seek answers to questions surrounding behavioral and temper related issues, or problems connecting or understanding each other. Treatment involves situational analysis and techniques uniquely structured to build cohesive relationships built out of mutual respect, routine and understanding.

Coaching is in no way a substitute for psycho-therapy. Individuals needing therapy to resolve historical issues with either themselves or their child should not consider coaching as an alternative. Instead, coaching can help support your family's growth and new found structure along side your current medically diagnosed therapy treatments. 

How long does the parent coaching process take?

This will all depend on how willing the family is to making the needed changes. Parenting Solutions will come into your home and have an open discussion about all the challenges you are facing in your parental life. I will then return and observe the interaction between the parents and the children. The next step is to develop a game plan and help your family implement the suggested game plan. I do recommend keeping the meeting dates as close together as possible to help everyone stay on the same wave length. Families can start seeing changes within the first few visits; again this will be dependent on the parents’ willingness to accept change.