Jennifer Yakimishyn

Sandra had me on as a guest on the get real parenting show. Initially I was nervous but the show turned out to be a lot of fun!!! Sandra was professional, asked all of the right questions and really put me at ease. The taping of the show went by so quickly.

Sandra is a great host and the Get Real Parenting show is really a blessing for parents who have questions about how to raise kids in this chaotic world. She covers so many topics from kid’s health, to technology, to general parenting questions. Her show is a MUST WATCH!

Harjeet Dhillon

I reached out to Sandra because I know I'm not alone in the issues I face. It was a delight working with Sandra and the team. She was very jolly and compassionate. Gorgeous on the outside and super talented at what she does. I learned a lot from her too and am so glad she gave me this opportunity.

Catherine Federchuk

Sandra helped my family in so many ways and we are closer and happier since she came along. My daughter is happier and my home is more organized. Sandra helped us with everything she was always so positive and made us feel like she was part of our family :) Highly recommend her services.

Anne Fath, MD

Sandra is the best care provider I have encountered yet.  She is warm and kind, but also very effective with consistent and gentle discipline when need be. She is very organized and children easily fall into a routine with her. My son was a challenging infant and toddler to care for in some ways; he was a highly selective eater who HATED naps, but  this was not daunting for Sandra. He was a breast fed baby who wouldn't take a bottle from any adult in his life EXCEPT for Sandra. He also napped like a charm while in her care.  He clearly loved being in her home. 

I trust Sandra completely and there is no one I would rather have take care of my children, or advise me on parenting matters. In addition to providing top quality advice, Sandra is also an excellent mother herself with four lovely children; her three boys have always impressed me as gentlemen in the making. I was thrilled for her when her youngest, a daughter, came along, and I know this will only deepen her already impressive understanding of parenting all kinds of different children. Parenting is truly a calling for Sandra, and she is incredibly well-suited to it.

Erin Hanowski

Sandra has been our care provider for close to two years and has helped with both of our children. As parents, it is such a great feeling to know that when you drop your children off in the morning they are being extremely well taken care of. Sandra’s program provides a combination of activities that stimulate intellectual, physical and emotional development within a warm and caring environment. She provides consistency and routine which allows the children to learn and understand how to behave, cooperate with one another and develop the life skills needed to become more independent. Consequently, I have seen my children flourish in her care. My son was well prepared for school when leaving Sandra’s care and I know that my daughter will be the same because of what she has learned and the care that she has received.

Sonia Snyder,

Special Education Resource Teacher, Halton Catholic District School Board

It is an honor and a privilege to write a reference letter for Sandra Doweck. Sandra not only makes extraordinary contributions daily as a care provider but she willingly shares her gifts, talents and expertise with others.

I have known Sandra for the past 4 years, and during that period I had the privileged of Sandra having my two boys in her care. Over the past years Sandra has demonstrated to me time and again that she is an exceptional communicator and gifted provider. In my opinion, she epitomizes the skills a care provider possess including the gift of care from the heart. She is a highly dedicated professional who not only knows how to motivate children to strive for excellence but unites the love of play with learning. In spite of these formidable gifts, she is a humble and approachable person who loves to share her extensive knowledge with others.

Sandra played a major role in teaching both of my boys not only the alphabet and their sounds, but also writing their names before the age of 4 and also introduced them to simple math concepts. This early education schooling is a component that not every program offers. My children not only got the educational components of care, but were openly welcomed into Sandra’s family and still fondly talk about her and miss her. I have found her diligent care of my children a true blessing and confidently recommend her to you as a trusted resource.