About Me

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for working with children. I am inspired and energized by them, and by the possibilities for making a difference in their lives, and the lives of the parents who love them.

Sandra Doweck  -  Parenting Solutions Practitioner, therapeutic yoga instructor specializing in children’s yoga & meditation facilitator

Over the last twenty years, I've successfully parlayed this passion into a career in which I help guide parents through their parenting journey. Building and growing a successful parenting business exposed me to the unique challenges faced by today's parents. Over time, I've perfected simple and effective techniques for handling a diverse range of behavioural and developmental challenges, and helped numerous families use these techniques to meet their children's cognitive, social, and emotional needs.

In addition to running a thriving business, I've had the pleasure of raising four, beautiful children of my own. Like all parents, I want nothing more than to see my children grow into capable, emotionally healthy adults with the skills, abilities, and desire to make a meaningful contribution to society. However, like many parents, I've found that parenting is never a straightforward journey, and can often be filled with unforeseen challenges. My first child, Nathan, age 21, was diagnosed with Autism. My second, Josh, age 20, was born with a medical condition requiring tube feedings and multiple surgeries. Seventeen year old Jacob, my third, was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability. And while seven year old Chloe has not had to deal with physical or development challenges, I employ the same techniques of open communication, discipline, routine, and affection that I use with my sons to ensure she is a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted little girl.

Raising four children - three with special conditions - and running a busy and successful parenting business taught me that the only way to survive is to establish clear, consistent ground rules and structure. The methodologies I employ with the children and families I work with are no different than those I use in my personal life. Everyone follows the same routine, including my own children.

I understand, of course, that every parenting situation is different. You may be a single parent, about to become a parent, ready to adopt, or thinking about becoming a parent. As a working mother, I understand the pressures of parenting in a fast paced, high-stress world. Time seems to fly by faster than ever as we rush from place to place, trying to balance long commutes, housework, our kids’ activities and ever increasing demands at work. Parents are struggling to find time to assess and control behaviors that may be out of control. Excessive behavior can cause a great amount of stress in a household if not dealt with accordingly.

A few years ago I became passionate about the yoga theory and added to my career by becoming a yoga instructor. Immediately I fell in love with the benefits of practicing yoga as I felt this could benefit many children in my practice. After completing my certification I developed a very unique yoga program which combines my back ground in behavioural development and the yoga theory together. My classes focus on helping children understand their emotions, how to regulate their emotions, mindfulness, connecting their breath to their bodies and so much more. Next to these two businesses, I am also trained in ABA/IBI and help families with children with special needs. I believe every child is unique and learns in their own way, it’s just a matter of figuring out how they learn.