Our Focus

  • Addressing parenting anxieties
  • Parenting values and beliefs
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Coping strategies that work
  • Being proactive, not reactive
  • Effective P/P and P/C communication
  • Remaining in control in difficult situations
  • Building better parent/child relationships
  • Managing anger and frustration
  • Building greater parenting confidence

Our Principles

There IS light at the end of the tunnel. That light they see is you - holding the flame in your heart.

I believe that every situation and every family is special and unique. As such, I will devote my time to developing techniques that will have a positive and sustainable effect on your household. Drawing on years' of experience, I will help your family open lines of communication and re-establish routine. It's time for change. It's time for peace. Most importantly, it's time for family. PTCoach can help get you there.

Our Standards

Parent coaching is designed to help parents with non-judgmental support in parenting and guidance, co-creative construction, parenting clarity, integrity, hope and sustainable change.

Parent coaching is NOT a means for therapy, unsolicited advice, criticism or counseling.

Changes you will experience with parent coaching are more confidence in your parenting, better family communication, the tools necessary to address parenting issues, positive changes in your current situation as well as a happier, more connected family.


"Sandra is the best care provider I have encountered yet. She is warm and kind, but also very effective with  consistent and gentle discipline when need be. She is very organized and children easily fall into a routine...

"Sandra has been our care provider for close to two years and has taken care of both of our children.  As parents, it is such a great feeling to know that when you drop your children off in the morning they are being....

"It is an honor and a privilege to write a reference letter for Sandra Doweck. Sandra not only makes extraordinary contributions daily in her role as a care provider but she willingly shares her gifts, talents and expertise...

"It is such a great feeling to know our child is in great hands and learning so much.  At only the age of one, he has manners too! Love the open lines of communication."